Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below, you can find a list of some of the Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started with our application.

1. How to edit a web page ? 

Editing a webpage is fairly simple, you need to navigate to and enter your page name and password that you provided when registering for our service.

2. I accessed the page, but still cannot figure out how to edit! 

All you have to do is highlight the text that you want to edit and a pop-up will appear with the available options. It is a Medium inspired in-place editor.

3. Which are the available options when editing a text? 

The available options are: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike through, URL, Image, H2, H3, Blockquote, Ordered list, Unordered list, Left Justify, Right Justify, Center Justify, Full Justify.

4. But how to add a link ? 

To add a link, highlight a text and press on the # button and add the URL of the desired location.

5. OK, OK, images are hard to add, how can you do that since there is no upload button ? 

The tricky part with images is that you have to upload it through a third party image hosting and then add the link, highlight it and press the image button. It will instantly convert it to an image. Maybe in the future we will have our own, secured with Single Sign On.

6. I double clicked on "Update page" button and I have no content even if I just wrote it! 

That is a known issue, we are currently investigate it. Please press only once on the "Update page" button and then exit or refresh the page. 

7. Is there a way to retrieve an older version of my page ? 

Yes, you will have to send an email with your request and justification to and we will retrieve the last known version.

8. How to contact you if I still have questions? 

If you still have questions, please go to the contact page and follow the available options. The page is located at

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